Monday, March 28, 2011

Food Porn!

Don't worry, folks, it's not as salacious as it sounds! I was checking in on my Facebook account earlier and one friend was asking, "what gives?" with everyone posting pictures of their food creations. Before I knew it, I was put on the cutting board (lovingly, I might add) by my friends. Okay, I admit that I'm probably the worst offender of this, but I just love sharing my passion with others.  If I can inspire just one person to get into the kitchen and create a home-cooked meal, then I feel like I've done my job. I absolutely adore the feedback I get and all the encouraging comments from my incredibly supportive friends and enjoy seeing their kitchen creations, too. While I enjoy the comments, I'm also humbled.  I'm just a home cook and have a few friends who are actually the real deal and Executive Chefs in their restaurants, or teaching kids to cook. Man, nothing I can ever do could compare to the talent these people have.

I even got an e-mail from a friend working in NYC today with a picture of his lunch asking me to guess what it was. I guessed Gumbo. Yep, but it was Gator Gumbo!  I love those "guess what this is" food games. Keep 'em coming!

So I'm starting to think that I might actually have to throw a party for my local friends and cook for them just to prove I've the got the chops they think I have.  Who's in?

Thanks, everyone!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm re-reading chef/author/traveler Anthony Bourdain's latest book, "Medium Raw," and just finished the chapter where he bashes the fast food industry and their blatant recruitment of our nation's children.  This made me pause and think about my own role in shaping my child's food choices.  Thankfully, I'm an unashamed foodie and had introduced him to the more exotic ingredients early in life.  Yes, I've created a bit of a food snob!  That's not to say that he hasn't had a Happy Meal or three in his lifetime (I'm human, after all), but I love the fact that he really stays away from anything with a drive-thru...that just can't be good for you. 

This young man (now 17) is definitely a Culinary Adventurer! He tried raw octopus at the tender age of four.  He's eaten live termites in Mexico and practically swoons over the very thought of escargot, caviar, and foie gras. He goes into a sushi restaurant and tells the chef to make whatever he wants him to eat. Wow, very brave! 

We've been blessed enough to have some amazing culinary journeys and befriend some of our nation's greatest chefs.  While I'm glad that I've instilled the love of good, quality food in him, I also encourage him to get a good education so he can enjoy all this when mom & dad stop paying the bills!

So proud of my boy for not conforming to society's "norms!"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aw, Shucks!

While I will never claim the world's my oyster to be leisurely plucked from its shell, I'm very proud that I tackled two dozen oysters tonight and shucked them clean from start to finish for dinner.  I sweated and cursed my way through it but sure got the job done.  Let's just say the world oyster shucking contest has no fear from me!  The big bonus was that my husband - who hates any shellfish besides shrimp - kept going back for more!  Honestly, I don't think it was the succulent and briney oysters as much as the buttery, garlicky, bread crumb topping that made all the difference.  Whatever...I'll take it.  My son, however, (who will eat anything) kept thanking me for such a great meal.  He is my pearl found in the oyster.