Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aw, Shucks!

While I will never claim the world's my oyster to be leisurely plucked from its shell, I'm very proud that I tackled two dozen oysters tonight and shucked them clean from start to finish for dinner.  I sweated and cursed my way through it but sure got the job done.  Let's just say the world oyster shucking contest has no fear from me!  The big bonus was that my husband - who hates any shellfish besides shrimp - kept going back for more!  Honestly, I don't think it was the succulent and briney oysters as much as the buttery, garlicky, bread crumb topping that made all the difference.  Whatever...I'll take it.  My son, however, (who will eat anything) kept thanking me for such a great meal.  He is my pearl found in the oyster.

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